Granary District Beets and BBQ

Come join us this Saturday for our next Granary District neighborhood event. Prizes for best beet-inspired dishes! More details here.


Granary District movie night!

We’re showing Goonies in the backyard of the Utah Pickle Factory on Tuesday,September 13th @ 7:30pm!

Continuing our efforts from the Block Party to build a Crowdsourcing base to resurrect the Granary District into great neighborhoods.

Come join us on Tuesday and in the future!!

The Granary District mural is complete (almost)!

 The Granary District mural that was painted during the Block Party is pretty much complete, thanks to Captian Captain studios and Trent Call!

Can you decipher what it says?

Block Party video!

Overall, it was a great success— neighbors, local businesses and citizens came out and enjoyed themselves while seeing what living in a diverse, urban, walkable neighborhood could be like.

What did you like about the Block Party? What could we have done better? Please join the discussion here.

How the temporary neighborhood at the Block Party will get built

This is a little premature since we actually haven’t had the Block Party yet, but it’s coming up — 3 days to be exact.

This video outlines the process for how a District, like the Granary, can be resurrected. This video will evolve and become more precise in the approach and economics, but it for now it serves its purpose.

Did we miss anything major? Does the approach make sense to you?

Here’s the video explaining the reason for the Block Party.

One week until the Granary District Block Party!

It’s getting close— the Granary District Block Party! Here’s the blurb …

Come to the First Annual Granary District Block Party! We live, work, and play in the District (or want to) — and we’re imagining a new and better neighborhood! Come on down for an afternoon of street performance, live art, music, and food! Fun and free!
Live music, face painting, food carts, local artists, & more!
Bicycle parking!
Come rain or shine!
Major Partners:

Frida Bistro, Cruzin Sushi, Madame Macaron, NeighborWorks, M Flores Produce, Captain Captain Art Studios, Kilby Court, Exigent Records, Western Gardens, & Restore!

Check out the Block Party video here,  from our Block Party Kickstarter project (we’re fully funded!)

It’s going to be a great event so please come on down! You can RSVP and spread the word through our Facebook event page.

Opportunities galore!

South Salt Lake has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize off the planned streetcar to make incredibly valuable (social, economic, quality of life) neighborhoods (see previous posts here and here)

Instead, they’re setting the precedence of the redevelopment of the streetcar line by bringing in a conventional developer who is going to wipe out all the existing buildings on a block of City owned propepry (some rightfully so, but not ALL) to build…… wait for it…… BIG BOX retail! Hooray! Now, you really can’t blame South Salt Lake— big box retail is the end to all ends for increasing a city’s tax base— or is it? Check out the article ‘Best bet for tax revenue: mixed-use downtown development’, here.

I loose sleep at night over the thought of ruining the streetcar line with roads, parking lots and secluded streetcar stops. Seriously. My generation doesn’t want to shop at big box retail. We don’t want to drive cars everywhere. We want to live in work in human-scaled, walkable, compact, mixed-use environments.

Conventional development isn’t going to cut it. We have to start thinking about the future and who the end users are going to be. South Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City have a tremendous opportunity to encourage and implement neighborhoods that increase tax base, are human-centered (not auto) and capitalize on the fantastic opportunity of a revitalized streetcar corridor.